MPPBP a Poultry House Construction Company in South Africa

Our experience in poultry house construction has taught us that adopting to the best chicken house structures and equipment is one of the firm foundations for a successful poultry farming. Poultry produce in South Africa is in great demand, which requires proper chicken housing techniques in order to keep up with the demand.

Poultry House Construction for Commercial Chicken Farming

A proper built chicken house structure should be able to provide the birds with a comfortable environment and protect them from the extremities of the prevailing weather. It also needs to have enough space for the flock to be kept in the house.

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Ventilation a process of fresh air circulation through the flock house and exhaustion of stale air out of the flock units. This process removes excess heat, moisture and provides oxygen while removing harmful gases. Local farmers thier poultry houses are open sided therefor ventilation is managed through curtains from top when it gets warm.